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Welcome. This page is dedicated to Dr. Clinton Cimring. Dr. Clinton is most famous, or infamous, as the case may be, for having trademarked the acronym S.E.O. and being the first person to reverse engineer Google's algorithm. Dr. Clinton claims use dating back to the late 1990s through his father's company, The International Cimring Group, Inc. (ICG). However, his use originates with the term, Strategically Elevating Optimization, as opposed to search engine optimization, which is the common use today. The whole ordeal is known in the internet marketing industry as the case of the purple monkey - Dr. Clinton had simply responded to attacks for his trying to unfairly trademark the term S.E.O. with a photo of a small fawn pug in a purple monkey costume. (The pug seemed rather upset).

The waybackmachine and other caching tools indicate that the original term for the service known today as search engine optimization were referred to as website optimization at the time. This was because inbound linking search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, did not yet exist. Search engines still used keyword frequency and meta tags to rank. This is where the term, "content is king" originates. The main search engines of the period were Lycos and Altavista. Both had a majority market share until Yahoo and eventually Google took over. As we are all probably familiar, Google was the first major inbound linking search engine, which borrowed its formula from the Rankdex patent. Rankdex, was the first literal inbound linking search engine founded by Robin Li of Baidu and Clinton Cimring, although the smaller search engine lacked the funding and resources to become a success. In 2006, Dr. Clinton founded his own internet marketing company called SEO Treo with the brand, S.E.P.; Search Engine Partner. Today, Search Engine Partner has been acquired by the internet marketing conglomerate GetUpdated and is currently one of the largest providers of optimization services in the United States and Sweden.

Working for IDD Information Services as an intern under Robin Li, allowed Dr. Clinton to gain a direct insight into the company's trade secrets, namely the algorithm behind Rankdex. Li, still holding the patent for the inbound linking algorithm applied the notion to Baidu, which has become a major success in China; it is now the only search engine in the country since Google decided to pull out of the country in 2010.

As the search engine market changed from onsite ranking factors (content and meta tags), so did the approach to ranking. What had been known as website optimization, became known as search engine optimization. In this, optimizers began optimizing for the search engines as opposed to the websites, themselves. Optimizers learned that the new inbound linking algorithms could easily be manipulated with what are referred to as link farms (listing a bunch of links on one website) and then linking those website to one-another to create reciprocal linking schemes. The approached worked until just recently. In early 2011 Google released an update to their Link Rank algorithm codenamed "Panda." According to Matt Cutts, lead engineer for Google, Google named the algorithm update "Panda" from the Chinese children's book by Meilo So, "The Monkey and the Panda." In the story, while the lean, lively Monkey causes havoc in the village, the fat, friendly Panda spends her days quietly munching bamboo. Who is more lovable? In this instance, Google sought to send a clear message that optimizers like Dr. Clinton are the sole reason that unreliable and illegitimate results are returned in Google because of their "SPAM" techniques. One year prior Google released an April Fool's press release, as they are renowned for doing, where they stated a research group had created the first form of artificial intelligence: CADIE: Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity. Cadie's favorite animal was a panda, "Through analysis of Google's index, I have determined that I <3 pandas."

Returning briefly to the search engines and the approach, once Google gained market share with Yahoo and Microsoft (then Live) trailing behind it, the approach to optimization became forever known as search engine optimization as opposed to website optimization, or S.E.O. for short. Dr. Clinton still used the term SEO to brand his unique approach to S.E.O., however, which can be seen on and (the original website for Search Engine Partner). Once Google began to add additional pieces to their Page Rank algorithm, Dr. Clinton is credited with inventing a whole new approach to manipulating the results, which is known as SEO 2.0. While traditional SEO had been primarily concerned with manually building inbound links and other techniques, SEO 2.0 was focused around "letting others do the work for you," according to Dr. Clinton. In 2007, Dr. Clinton proved the approach by ranking a small mom and pop diamond website on the first page of Google for the term, "diamond," which received millions of searches per month in the search engine. The site remained on page 1 until Google had learned of the "error," and immediately suppressed the result. The following day, Dr. Clinton published the full algorithm he had just proved on his blog, The algorithm soon spread and Google found themselves outgunned by optimizers.

Google, desperately trying to catch up, has not stopped acquiring new pieces to its formula including what was referred to as Google Universal (Froogle (now Google Product Search), Google Maps (now Places), Images), Panda, and Penguin. However, Dr. Clinton had not stopped either. With the emergence of Reputation websites like, Dr. Clinton sought to manipulate their results as well. In this case, Dr. Clinton invented a service known as Reverse SEO; the opposite of SEO. The idea being that an optimizer would take all the factors that would prevent a website from ranking and apply that to the website he or she wished to suppress while simultaneously optimizing all the other positive results. In this, Dr. Clinton used Google's new algorithm updates against it; the less frequently a result is clicked on, the lower it tends to rank. Therefore, Dr. Clinton was able to suppress negative press past the first page of Google and eventually off of the results complete for using SPAM techniques in violation of Google Webmaster Tools.

Today, Dr. Clinton remains CEO for GetUpdated and the Search Engine Partner brand, but also spends his time giving back to his local community in South Florida, where Dr. Clinton sits on the Board of Directors for a Children's Cancer Foundation, JJCCF. Dr. Clinton also mentors college students in Intellectual Properties Law and Computer Engineering at Universities in South Florida. While Dr. Clinton is not running his company or spending his time giving back to his community, he also works on the search engine that made everything today possible; Rankdex. GetUpdated acquired IDD Information Services in 2008 along with it the Rankdex search engine and formula for pure inbound linking. Dr. Clinton states that his next goal "is to build a search engine that cannot be manipulated - a search engine that is SEO proof." Although neither Robin Li nor Dr. Clinton have shared any details about the project, they have publicly stated that the design of such a search engine is complete and their next step is development.

We are proud to have Dr. Clinton Cimring as a member of our senior business coaching team at the Frankel Coaching Group.

Clinton Cimring Clinton Cimring

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